CDN infographic5 Reasons Why Your WordPress Site Needs a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is made up of a system of distributed servers spread across physical and network locations. Having data centers in different geographical locations enables your website’s visitors to open your site or files in the data center nearest to them. It acts as an intermediary between the origin and the end user.

All of this essentially means that a CDN reduces downtime and inactivity, ensuring a speedy browsing experience for your customers.

Benefits of a CDN

Using a CDN has a whole host of benefits. Not only will it help to avoid latency but there are 5 other main benefits too:

1. It Ensures Your Site Can be Reached Globally

A CDN ensures your website loads quickly for visitors in all geographical locations. So, whether your visitors are in the same country as your website’s server or on the other side of the world they will still be able to access your site properly.

2. It Improves Website Uptime

If your website is down temporarily then a CDN will ensure that a cached version of your website loads in its place. Without a CDN this would lead to a 404 error. So, your visitors will still be able to view your site in the instance of downtime.

3. It Impacts SEO and Analytics

A fast loading website positively impacts your ranking in search engines due to site speed and contribute towards your Google Page Speed score.

In addition, certain CDN’s also have features which site owners can use to view usage reports. In some cases this can supplement other analytics programmes.

4. It Increases Security

A CDN protects your website against a wide array of hacks such as DDoS attacks. This is because they act similarly to a firewall. Ultimately your visitors will be able to view content securely and your website itself will have added protection.

5. It Allows Different Domains

A CDN is hosted on a different domain to your website. This allows the user to download more files at the same time than without a CDN. Therefore a CDN allows visitors to download more files without having to wait or be limited by the browser.

How can you get a CDN?

You can obtain a CDN through a direct supplier such as our partners CloudFlare and Stackpath. Alternatively you can purchase through your host as an add-on or choose a host who offers a CDN as part of their hosting packages.

Our partnership with CloudFlare and Stackpath means that we benefit from a CDN that delivers a global network designed to optimise security, performance and reliability. All CuroWeb customers get these benefits as standard with our Managed WordPress Hosting packages.

If you have any questions about CDN’s and how they work or whether they would benefit your WordPress site you are welcome to ask one of our experts.