Managed WordPress Hosting V Shared Hosting

Managed Hosting versus Shared Hosting. Which service provides WordPress users with the best solution and overall value? 

As the popularity of WordPress increases so does the range of ‘WordPress hosting’ solutions on offer. This article looks at Shared Hosting versus Managed Hosting and considers which service might provide customers with the most value.

Firstly, what is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting offers users space on a shared server. Often packages include email accounts, FTP accounts and storage space but the provider does not manage any account set up or installations. Support is often limited, and technicians are not necessarily WordPress specialists.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting offers all those account features as well as full regular maintenance including daily updates, virus scans and backups. You would expect a more responsive level of customer service from actual WordPress experts.

Customer Support

WordPress sites require regular and ongoing support – it’s a fact. Maintenance includes everything from implementing updates, security checks to taking site backups on a regular basis, to keep your website fast and secure.

If you are paying a premium price for hosting, you would hope that it is because the host employs premium technology to keep your site fast and secure and a team of experts on hand when you need support. Make sure you find out before purchasing because not all service providers are delivering quality to their customers.

Ask yourself, do I spend much time on the phone to my host or chasing ticket responses? If the answer is yes, it might be time to move to a better provider.

Hacking & Malware

Another common issue with WordPress is hacking; open source scripts and plugins power WordPress and so if your plugins or themes are left outdated it can leave your site accessible to opportunistic hackers.

In our experience, many Shared Hosting providers won’t fix a hacking issue for their customers and will sometimes not even notify you when the problems arise. Generally, you will be responsible for finding the source of the hack, repairing it and restoring your site – or paying someone to do it for you.

Fundamentally, if you select a provider who invests in premium technology and software (like CuroHosting) – hacking would be far less of an occurrence! 😉

Price Comparison

Managed Hosting can cost five times the amount of the cheapest unmanaged / Shared Hosting. However, with Managed WordPress Hosting packages on the rise and to compete with low-cost solutions from Shared Hosts many large companies pull in customers with enticing headline offers starting from just a couple of pounds per month.

Unfortunately, it is our personal experience that these initial offers soon leave customers feeling cheated and clients often end up spending more money on scaling their resources or adding extras to meet their requirements and receive little in the way of customer support.

Deciding – Shared Hosting V Managed WordPress Hosting

If you don’t have the time to maintain your WordPress site on a regular basis, then a Managed Hosting solution is advised. Avoid unnecessary costs and time wasting with regular updates and premium server technology and Firewalls.

If you require a quick fix, low-cost solution or have the time and technical knowledge to run and maintain your WordPress site yourself, then an unmanaged / Shared Hosting package could work for you.

Learn more about the types of hosting or talk to our expert team about your requirements.