Free SSL vs Paid SSL

Free SSL vs. Paid SSL

You may not be familiar with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) but you will definitely have encountered one whilst browsing the internet. An SSL is represented by the green padlock in your internet address bar. It is a globally trusted initiative that protects your details when entering them on a website.

The green padlock means that the link between a web browser and a server is encrypted. This protects any data such as card details or passwords that you may add to a contact form, newsletter sign up or purchase page.

With SSL growing in importance you will find that there are many free and paid SSL certificates available. This can make it difficult to know which one is most suitable for your website.

We have broken down the pros and cons of both free SSL and paid SSL certificates to help you choose. If you would like to find out more about what an SSL is and why you should get one you can find out more here.

How Does Free SSL Compare to Paid SSL?

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Paid SSL Free SSL
SEO benefits Yes No
Different varieties of SSL Yes No
Easy to set up yourself No Yes
Refund policy Yes No
Trust seal Yes No
Compatible with all servers Yes No
Compatible with all browsers Yes No
Increase customer trust Yes No
Covers various websites Yes No
Customer Support Yes No
Proxy caching system required Yes No
Aftercare (vulnerability assessments etc) Yes No
Level of security Maximum Minimal
Issue time Can take a long time due to the level of authentication of the site owner Within minutes
Warranty The warranty pays out if the SSL fails No warranty is given
Cost The cost varies dependent on provider. CuroWeb charges £34.99 including installation No cost involved
Duration Long validity, usually up to 3 years A short term trial basis, usually between a month and 90 days
Validation/authentication of the site owner Long and in-depth validation process No validation process

Which Type of SSL to Choose?

The decision to choose a free or paid SSL is entirely dependent on the type of website(s) you run. For small websites with little traffic and few to no data entry functions a free SSL would work well.

However, if you have a medium to high traffic website we would recommend a paid SSL. In addition, a website which requires visitors to enter their details would need a paid SSL. This can include websites with a subscription box or login requirements.

In addition, if you have an e-commerce website we would strongly recommend a paid SSL. This is due to the higher level of security being necessary as well as the guarantee included.

CuroWeb currently offer Comodo Positive SSL. We chose Comodo SSL due to their 30 day money back guarantee and their $250,000 relying partner guarantee. Our paid SSL costs £34.99 including installation.

If you would like to purchase an SSL certificate with one of our hosting or support packages you can find all the details on our website. Alternatively, if you need any assistance you are welcome to contact us on 01952 727 774 or at .