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Within this category you will find all you need to know about SSL certificates. An SSL certificate is a must for any WordPress website regardless of its size or whether it takes payment details.

This category will focus on the different types of SSL certificates, the reasons why all WordPress users should have an SSL and how to get one.

Our team of experts have put together blog posts that we believe will help you to make a decision on the best SSL certificate for your website.

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cPanel AutoSSL


AutoSSL is a product of cPanel and WHM that has a variety of pros and cons. Within this blog you can find out why you and/or your clients are receiving emails about it, the comparisonn between the AutoSSL and paid SSL's and how you can disable AutoSSL.

Free SSL vs Paid SSL


SSL certificates are growing in importance meaning there are a lot of free and paid SSL options. We have compared free and paid SSL certificates so you can decide which one your website needs.

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