4 Types of WordPress Hosting

Do You Need Help Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting Service for Your Business?

With so many companies offering WordPress hosting it can become overwhelming trying to choose what type of hosting you need, let alone which company to go with!

The good news is, we have done the hard work for you and broken down the pro’s and con’s of each hosting option so that you can make the right choice for your business.

There are four main types of hosting namely; Shared WordPress hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), WordPress Dedicated Server hosting and Managed WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting allows for many clients to be on the same server, sharing resources and a host whilst VPS is like having your very own virtual machine but without a support team.

WordPress dedicated server hosting gives you a dedicated server that is yours for you to do what you wish but for a price and managed WordPress hosting takes control of all technical aspects of a WordPress site for you, as well as giving you a full virtual support team.

Types of Hosting and Their Pros and Cons

 Type of Hosting Level of traffic Pro’s Con’s
Shared WordPress Hosting Low
  • Cost effective
  • Widely offered
  • You can use scripts other than WordPress
  • Quick to get setup
  • It can take a long time to get support or answers from your host
  • Other users on the server can put your website at risk if their security is not effective and up to date
  • You will share an IP address with other users so if they do something illegal/unethical your website will get flagged too
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) High
  • High level of control
  • Client privacy
  • Your security is not affected by other clients on the server
  • There are less clients per server than with a shared hosting server
  • There is no support from the host
  • You have to do quite a lot yourself such as; installing web and database server software
  • Resource allocation isn’t always equal between the servers clients
Dedicated WordPress Server Very High
  • You have your own dedicated server which you can lease to other websites
  • You have complete control over the server
  • High level of performance and reliability
  • Good website speed/accessibility
  • High investment
  • You need a high level of technical skills to run your server and solve any problems that occur
  • There are occasional hardware failures which can lead to website downtime
Managed WordPress Hosting High
  • Extremely fast website speeds
  • Enhanced security
  • Your website is updated automatically and backed up regularly
  • Full technical support
  • Little to no technical control
  • Slightly higher investment than other low cost options
  • You are limited to using only WordPress, not other platforms

How to Choose the Right One for you

If you are looking for an entry level hosting option for a hobby blog or small website then a shared server host may be a suitable option for you, especially if your website is beginning to grow as this allows you a quick and relatively cheap start up.

If you want to pay a similar price as with a shared server but have more flexibility then a VPS would be what you need, providing you don’t need technical support. This allows you freedom from the actions of other clients on the server.

If you are a large business with a bigger budget to spend then a dedicated WordPress server host may be appropriate. This is suitable for a fully functional and successful website where you can have complete control over it.

Last, but not least, Managed WordPress Hosting will work for you if you want to focus solely on your content and have someone else control the technical aspects of your website for you. This way you don’t have to worry about things such as website speed, reliability or security updates and your content will be safe and secure no matter what.

If you need more information, free advice, or you’d like to enquire about our Managed WordPress Hosting packages feel free to contact us.