Choosing a website host infographic4 Factors for Choosing a Web Host

When it comes to the question of choosing a website host the amount of different options, companies and packages available can become overwhelming.

It is easy to get taken in by a deal that looks great but isn’t actually what’s right for your business.

Choosing the right hosting provider and package for your business can help you to avoid security breaches, slow website speeds and a drop in sales. Consider these 4 simple tips, provided by our WordPress experts, to help you choose a website host.

1. Knowing your needs and wants

Before you begin to look at what the different website hosts are offering you need to have a clear idea about what it is that you need and want. Otherwise these needs and wants will not be met.

You need to take into consideration the following;

– Who are your visitors and where are they located?

– What software and control do you require?

– What kind of content are you posting?

 – Price is important when choosing a website host but it should not be the main aspect of your decision. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

CuroHosting recommend that you consider your website needs first. Then begin to shop around to find the right hosting service provider and package to meet your requirements and fit your budget.

2. Knowing who the different Website Hosts are and what they offer

When choosing a website host there are four areas to focus on:

Security: The security the website hosts offer.

Uptime: The website hosts uptime guarantee. We recommend choosing a website host who offers daily back-ups and at least a 99% uptime guarantee!

Support and customer service: We recommend contacting the website host before purchasing. This way you will get a real idea of how helpful and friendly they are as well as how quick their response time is.

Scale: The scalability of the packages. Whether your website can grow with your host.

Data: It is important to take into account the allowance in regards to the amount of monthly visits, the amount of bandwidth you can use and the amount of storage space given to you. All of these contribute to the successful running of your website.

3. Things to remember

It is not always enough to just look at the websites of your potential website hosts, we recommend that you also look at their social media pages and third party review sites to get an accurate representation of how customers feel about using the company as their website host. We recommend looking on a website such as

A lot of website hosts offer hosting packages for various different systems whereas others are specialist in singular systems only i.e. WordPress hosting. If you use only one CMS it’s a good idea to go with a host who specialises in that type of CMS.

It is good to take into account how easy it would be to contact your website host when you are on the go, look at how mobile friendly their website is, whether they have an app and whether you can get them on the phone to ensure your peace of mind.

What is most important are the terms of service given by the website host. These are where you will find hidden details such as what “unlimited” aspects of a package actually mean, as well as what their refund policy is.

4. Making a decision

Choosing a website host that is the best fit for your business can seem like a daunting and lengthy process. But having a website host who has a vested interest in your success is worth it. Ultimately, you want a website host who offers your website security, continual maintenance and constant virtual support at a reasonable price.

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