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How Secure is your WordPress Website?

The recent ransomware attack on companies such as the NHS, FedEx and Nissan has once again brought cyber security to the forefront of the international news. It raises the question: How secure is your WordPress website? Now is the time to check your website security.

Why has the NHS targeted by cyber attackers?

The NHS was targeted due to a failure to upgrade their software.  Emails were delivered to recipients within the organisation who opened the attachments and released malware onto their systems. The malware encrypts files so that users cannot access them until a ransom payment has been made.

Microsoft realised the vulnerability, patched it and issued an update in the months before the attack. The NHS however did not implement the update which exposed them to hackers.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that access will be granted to those encrypted files following payment. As cliché as it may sound- ‘prevention is the best cure!

How Can you Protect your WordPress Site from Hackers?

Unfortunately, regardless of the size of the company we are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Whilst WordPress is one the most popular choices of CMS, if not updated regularly and protected by a good hosting service the security of your site could be compromised.

5 Tips for Keeping your WordPress Site Secure:

1.  Update software regularly and as soon as possible once an update becomes available.

2. If you process and store customer data such as login credentials and payment details we strongly advise you to get SSL Certified. (An SSL certificate gives an added layer of security. It encrypts data from your visitors such as login credentials and credit card information during transit)

3. Take regular back ups and store these in various places. (This could be for example, on an external hard drive and within a virtual cloud storage system)

4. Run daily virus scans

5. Use a powerful firewall

Or find a host who offers security as part of their hosting service.

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